Market Entry Consultants for the Asia Pacific Markets


Testimonials about IDEV work from clients


"Pierre and his team hit that extraordinarily elusive sweet spot of boundless energy, motivation, creativity, and resourcefulness combined with great intelligence, professionalism, and affability. I look forward to a long professional association. Pierre certainly gets my highest recommendation."

CEO, Tokyo, Japan



"In the first year, IDEV grew our sales in Indonesia by a factor of 4 above the expected global average in a similar market. We decided to work with them across Southeast Asian markets to include Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand."

CEO, New York, USA



"We have been cooperating with IDEV for 5 months. I rate their consulting service very highly. Very bright team with original ideas who can look at your business from opposite, disruptive directions and at the same time provide genuine support. Pierre has an entrepreneurial spirit, a rich international background and excellent communication skills."

CEO, Prague, Czech Republic



"IDEV gave us valuable analysis concerning an investment we made in a troubled company in Japan. This led us to implement some hard decisions to recoup our investments, and focus our time and effort on more promising targets."

CEO, Tokyo, Japan