Market Entry Consultants for the Asia Pacific Markets


IDEV is a strategy and execution firm that helps you enter and operate in overseas markets. 

We use tried and tested methods to unleash value for companies and consumers worldwide.

Based in Japan, we focus on APAC and MENA markets.

We help you craft your foreign expansion strategies

IDEV is a strategy and execution firm specializing in APAC markets. We work with companies and fast-growing startups from all over the world, using tried and tested methods to unleash value for companies and consumers.

Whether you’re a listed company, a small/medium enterprise or a promising startup, our 50+ Consultants and Domain Experts will help you thrive in foreign markets, even ones you didn't think were within reach. 

We apply Lean Methodology to international market entry. Building on lean manufacturing principles and agile development, we continuously test the underlying assumptions behind your business and product ideas. 


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Tokyo | Shanghai | Taipei | Jakarta | Bangkok
Dubai | Paris | London | Los Angeles | Washington, DC

"The IDEV team hit that extraordinarily elusive sweet spot of boundless energy, motivation, creativity, and resourcefulness combined with great intelligence, professionalism, and affability. I look forward to a long professional association. Pierre certainly gets my highest recommendation."

CEO, Tokyo, Japan
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Practice Areas


We help our clients navigate the challenges presented by changing regulatory structures, competition, and consumer trends. We identify opportunities for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.


We identify evolving consumer needs, assess and develop products and services, identify the best foreign markets, assist to satisfy legal requirements, match with local partners, and implement strategy and tools for market entry and growth.

Growth Capital

We work with Startups, SMEs and large clients to assess funding needs, select optimal financial structures, identify investors, negotiate term sheets, then work to ensure successful execution.

Government Relations

Our team across the region has a strong track record in providing specialized counsel to both private and public sector clients, including corporates, governments, and organizations.

Digital Media & Technology

We focus on innovative products and services that are ready for growth. We assist with product-market fit, fundraising, localization, digital marketing, cross border e-commerce, governance and partnerships.


We have deep expertise in the global automotive sector . We provide consulting services spanning the spectrum, from performance improvements and strategic growth to 'Future Fit' (process digitalization, and multi-channel marketing).